About the collection

Fragmentation occurs when a computer system becomes disorganised. The process of defragmenting, which solves fragmentation issues inspired my design concept.

“Defragmented Imperfection” is greatly influenced by digital aesthetics and past ideas and crafts. Recreating and celebrating digital flaws became the key notion, which was interpreted through the imperfect reversed eel skirts that created graphic blocks, with the prim blocks of perfect suede opposing the irregular, knitted 3d pleated pieces. The degrading of computer systems were created through the imperfect anomalies of the laddered, textured and scaly like garments, constructed from hundreds of threads and yarns.  The seemingly perfect final garments, from afar both working as standalone and collectives, once close evolved this “Defragmented imperfect” solution. Enlarged pixels (digital coloured dots) provided further inspiration to incorporate pleats into my designs.  Just like pixel based images or shapes, pleats when enlarged or stretched lose their sharpness; and becomes softer.

Looking at different fragments, (fabric, colour, texture, shape, manipulations); Kanyinsola was able to reorganise and reconstruct a collection based on an absolute and complete design concept, similar to that of a defragmented, resolved computer.


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